Do All Polyolefin Polymers Make Good 3D Printing Filaments?

In a word - no! Not even close in fact. As mentioned in Polypropylene 3D Printing Filaments Explained, polyolefinic materials offer a great balance of properties and are clean materials to manufacture and work with, that's why they're the most widely used plastics in the world - and they're easy to recycle and reuse. However, there are thousands of different grades available, all made using the same ethylene and propylene building blocks, but offering very different properties in production, processing and the finished products (in this case your printed parts).

Achieving the Ideal Properties

Even though we've worked in the polyolefin industry for many years, helping people to develop new polyolefin compounds and processes for applications, it has taken us more than 14 months to develop the first Forefront Filament products. Our polypropylene filaments have just the right balance of raw materials and manufacturing processes to enable consistent high quality filament production, they process easily in a 3D printer and produce beautiful and functional results in the final printed part.