Launching a new kind of filament for 3D Printing

After many long months of product development, we have reached the first Forefront Filament product launch! We’ve worked with polymer experts, chemical engineers, extrusion processors and 3D printers to launch what we believe is the very first fully-polyolefinic formulation to be designed specifically for 3D printing filament.

From our experience in the polymer industry, we think that polyolefins can ultimately offer the best all-round 3D printing filament for engineers, designers and hobbyists. By choosing the right recipe of polyolefin plastics, we can make filaments with a range of properties from soft, rubbery, flexible filaments (like TPU products) to tough, impact-resistant, rigid filaments (like nylon or ABS) without the moisture susceptibility.

We’re starting with two filaments, one flexible, F41 FLEX, one tough, F43 TOUGH, and we will continue to work on new grades for future product launches. All of our polyolefinic filaments will meet the following criteria:

·        Tough, impact resistant

·        100% Water and moisture resistant

·        Free from styrene, isocyanate, esters, phthalates, butadiene or bisphenol A (BPA)

·        No odours in use

·        Recyclable with mixed polyolefin plastics or by grinding, re-melting and extruding

·        Developed and manufactured to a high quality standard in the UK

Our filaments are also lower in density than most other plastics on the market, so a 300g spool actually contains more metres of filament than an equivalent PLA or ABS spool.

As well as good filament, the key to a good print is the correct printing surface, so that the print doesn’t warp or detach and fail. Every spool of filament purchased comes with free samples of our print surface film. Each film is durable for up to 50 prints and is simple and clean to apply and replace when needed. The film itself has formed an important part of our product development, with the aim of reducing or removing the need for heating the print surface. The good news is, if you need to buy replacement film, our film is the lowest cost* print surface film currently available for 3D printers. (*as far as we know!)

Our filaments are currently available in white, black, blue and green, in a 130m spool or 10m sample from our website, Amazon or eBay shops. Get in touch to let us know how you get on with our filaments and also send any development ideas you'd like us to explore.