What's the Big Idea?

The idea for Forefront Filament was borne out of years of experience working with global plastics companies, manufacturers and brand companies to develop new technologies for a whole range of different applications.

Before we turned our attention to the world of Additive Manufacturing, we were helping global businesses develop their polymers, innovate manufacturing processes, and engineer new products to get the best out of new and interesting advances in polymer technology.

We saw an opportunity to offer the world of 3D printing something different and to help the 3D printing community to understand more about material selection for different applications.

There’s a reason that the world is not full of products made from ABS and PLA – these materials have serious limitations in processing, in use and, on top of that, the chemistry behind products like ABS raises many more toxicological and sustainability concerns.

Who’s ‘we’?

The technical product development is being managed by our team working in York, UK. Using our knowledge of polyolefin polymers and additives in extrusion applications, we are working with filament extrusion experts in the UK and are aiming to develop the best 3D printing filaments you can buy.

Our first products, F43 TOUGH and F41 FLEX are now available in our shop. Through the early part of 2016 we've been getting everything ready for our Spring launch. From there, we will continue to develop what we have and bring new products on line when they’re ready.

We’re going to need your help…

We will be posting guides and videos to help you make the most of Forefront Filaments, but we’d also value your feedback on both the products and the customer service. If you’ve got questions or thoughts on how we could improve our products or service, talk to us!