3D printing filaments for non-brittle, waterproof parts with form and function - engineered performance, made from polypropylene.

Compatible with a wide range of filament 3D printers, and designed to be used in engineering and home-use applications, our filaments are water and moisture resistant, are clean and easy to print with, are recyclable and are made in the UK. We manufacture 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameter filaments in a range of spool sizes.

Polypropylene (PP) is used and trusted the world over in food packaging, sports clothing and medical applications, to name a few. it is a member of the polyolefin family of polymers which also includes polyethylene.

Generally speaking, PP is difficult to print with - as a semi-crystalline polymer it can warp when used for 3D printing. As a result, Forefront has engineered its filaments, modifying the polypropylene with ethylene, matching the unique property set of polypropylene with the demands of the 3D printing process.

Forefront's 3D Print Filament range includes:

  • Forefront F43 TOUGH™ - a tough high-performance 3D printing filament for high quality, impact, moisture and chemical resistant parts - great for engineering models and functional parts including living hinges and can withstand temperatures up to 100°C

  • Forefront F41 FLEX - a flexible high-performance 3D printing filament offering the same benefits as the 43 Tough filament but with flexibility and excellent 'memory' for printing flexible parts, hinges, seals and shock-absorbing components or elements with no stress whitening.

Find out why polypropylene is an excellent material for 3D printing.